24 September 2012

Review: Criss-Cross Cardio with Sherri Jacquelyn

Oh, let me count the ways I cannot stand this video.

She is ALWAYS fiddling with her hair!  This is a guaranteed distraction.

Her nails are way too long, and I think they are a novelty for her.

She counts out EVERYTHING.

Her background exercisers do not have the best of form, and her cueing is not the best.

I've tried to get used to the video, but it has such a huge dread factor for me, I'm getting rid of it.  I would never willingly choose it, so off it goes.

Adequate warmup.

She really works you out.  You will be working up a sweat, and some of her combos are truly unique.

She does screw up a couple of the combos.  If you aren't watching, it won't have an impact.  If you are watching, you're going to get lost as she changes her order. 

I do hold a lot of instructors up to Cathe Friedrich and Jari Love.  I can't imagine either of them releasing a video with this many mistakes, but nobody is perfect.

Balance/Core work
Really unique, great capoeira exercises. 

Too short.

Condensed Explanation
Great workout, horrible presentation.

Goodbye CIA-2603, go make someone else sweat.


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