14 December 2014

Day 11 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

Up at 3:15 am to prep for a 4 am shuttle to the airport for a 6 am flight.  Reno did not even have the security lines open when we arrived.
My other half likes to be early, and ├╝ber prepared.  He says he cannot get used to travel destinations that have anything he needs at fingertip access (he traveled extensively to bush type camps out in the middle of nowhere for years!  And, hence, carries the kitchen sink along with him.)

Snack on plane.  Arrive at Denver International Airport (DIA) and himself gets his typical Wolfgang Puck pizza.  He will be so distraught when it moves out of the airport one day.  Change is inevitable after all, but he is not adjusting well.  :) It us a good thing he has me to keep him tracking and trucking.

Call Grandma and Mom with updates.  Grandma lives two hours north of Denver.  If only she were closer ...

Flight to Jackson Whole airport, walk down "gangplank," and get luggage from the front of the airport.  Get on rental company van and take a nap for the drive.  Long distance.

Get car, go to sports stores to find fuel canister for micro stove, get yelled at by some idiot who cannot drive (he wanted to back out of his space, and we passed by ... apparently in his universe all traffic stops for him ... not in any other place I have ever been, fool), and head to Jackson Whole Grocers to stock up for the week.  

On the way out of town, we notice a horrendous shaking in the back end of the vehicle, and return it to exchange.  We figure the gobs of mud attached to the tires may have caused the problem, but it could have been something else.  Go turn in the Toyota and pick up a Kia.

The front desk guys at National are rude and unwilling to work with their customers until one starts to throw a fit. Then suddenly they are goosed into action.  

The Kia does not have a very powerful engine.

I find the toothpicks stuck in the headliner, disgusting.  And the floor mats are not properly hooked on their supports to keep from dancing around during the drive.

Finally headed to our destination.  2 hour drive.

The rain begins in earnest 20 minutes after we leave town the second time.  It is dark by the time we reach the cabin, and it takes us a bit to find it.

The cabin has over large furniture that makes me feel like Goldilocks visiting the Bears.  As a result, the cabin feels tight, with little room to move about.  I really dislike this kind of futon and how the mattress slides down to stick out at the seat portion.

The kitchen in cozy, efficient, or just downright tight depending on your POV.

And the fridge, being old and drawer-ful, is hard to pack for a vacation trip.

The toilet is leaking badly, I call their "contact us" number and the recording directs me to a second number.  I leave a message and receive a return call within 10 minutes.

Our conversation goes like this," yes, I know all about the toilet problem, it was supposed to be looked at before you arrived yesterday.  Just turn off the toilet between uses and someone will be out tomorrow evening to look at it."


I've sent them two emails since I arrived, no response as of 10 a.m. The next day.

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