14 December 2014

Day 16 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

Himself slept in this morning, so I went downstairs, made some oatmeal, and read on my eReader.  While washing my hands at the kitchen sink, I thrilled to watch a fox trotting by, focused on fox business!  How cool.  This is what I want to see every morning!!!  (No photo, unfortunately ... that fox was through the yard quickly and silently.)

He or she had a beautiful red coat and a full, healthy tail.  Now I just need a wolf sighting to make my canid Yellowstone experience complete!

The trip is wearing on himself, who naps for much of the morning.  I've gotten by with naps between Yellowstone sites.  He's done all the driving.

We are going to see Guardians of the Galaxy and Titans of the Ice Age at the IMAX theater.  There's is not much else in West Yellowstone to tempt us.

Visit Yellowstone Historic Center, it tells the story of the development of travel to and from Yellowstone, as well as opening up mail service and winter activities.  I appreciated this little museum, and had my picture taken with the bears.  Taxidermied animals always make me sad, I acknowledge their usefulness as a teaching tool, but my first impression is always of waste.  (I dislike fur coats, etc. for the same reason.)

I suppose this is our second and third bear sighting of our Yellowstone trip?  :)

However, I support law abiding, non-poaching hunters.  

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