16 December 2014

Travel Needs


When I travel (and even when I go about my everyday), I tend to think to myself, "Kira, what do you need to make this experience better/easier/complete?"

I quickly jot down my revelations (thank you wunderlist app), or I will forget them.

On my California trip, I realized I need a travel purse/backpack.  I'd rather carry in a backpack form, but I do not want to be stuck with a backpack for the entire trip.  Therefore, I needed a quick-change artist purse.

Enter the Sherpani Soleil lightweight tote.  Not perfect, but utterly suitable for my needs.

V8884, Misses' Coat and Belt
Vogue 8884

V8346, Misses' Coat
Vogue 8346

In Yellowstone, I discovered that I need a wintery coat that can withstand: cold, wind, and rain.  And it needs to completely cover my bum.  Two thin-ish layers of clothes on my lower half did not keep me warm enough in 30 F degree weather (0 C) while the wind blew strands of my hair into the next state.  I spent several hours cold and uncomfortable while on this trip.

For travel, do I want something shorter?  Or longer?

To be discovered ...

V7881, Misses'/Misses' Petite Pants
Vogue 7881

Along with the above, lined pants would be great for cold weather adventure.  I've flirted with making flannel-lined pants before, and the result was not ... useable.  However, I'm ready to tackle them again.

Flannel-lined pants will need to be looser than typical, but you still do not want a great deal of "design elements" around the waistband.  Perhaps something along the lines of Claire Shaeffer's pattern?

To be made ...

Softstar Moc3 RunAmoc

Asolo Athena

And I must bring running shoes (and the basics of running gear), for each trip.  Running may be the only chance I have to push my cardiovascular system while out of town.  I will need to balance between space considerations and weight, as well as versatility.  I rarely wear athletic shoes if I'm not actually being athletic.

Shopping and city gawking: sandals or ballerina flats.

Hiking: sandals or ballerina flats.  (Although, for a technical trail I will bring running shoes.)

Hanging around at a rental: barefoot.

As a result, my carry-on usually has, you will be shocked, sandals and ballerina flats.  Period.

I may finally breakdown and buy a pair of Soft Star Shoes Moc3 RunAmoc slip-ons.  It's a safe bet they would not take up much room!  But they really aren't wear anywhere else shoes, are they?

To be decided ...

Cold weather kinda throws a monkey-wrench in the works.  I know some people wear their sandals in winter (Hello Mom!), but I am not one of those.  My toes get cold.

Being that Yellowstone would bring freezing temps and rain/snow into my little world, I knew I needed hiking boots that covered my ankles, but still gave me some ground feedback (I am sticking with minimal in shoes).  I ordered several items from Merrell and other companies, but the ground feedback was non-existent and the foot pans far too rigid to make me happy for any length of time.

Purchased Asolo Athena.  Kept Asolo Athena.  Tramped throughout Yellowstone in Asolo Athena.

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