14 December 2014

Day 15 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

19 degrees this morning

Goals for day:
Mud Volcano Area
Fountain Paint Pot

Start with:
Biscuit Basin including the Sapphire Pool

Midway Geyser Basin and Grand Prismatic Spring

Firehole Lake Drive - we really like this drive because buses are not allowed.  There are plenty of people driving by, but you can still get a geyser to yourself if you will wait around for the lulls.

Some of the panoramas we've made give you just the barest hint of the vast amounts of space Yellowstone occupies.  This visit makes me wonder what the Crater Lake region of Oregon looks like, and whether it is part of volcanic ancestors of this system (upon further research, the answer is no).  We will experience it ourselves one day.  I want to compare the regions.

White Cone fountains just as we are ready to head out, we'd been waiting for an hour because we had seen it erupt previously from Great Fountain Geyser.  I noticed it first, himself was so excited about his Great Fountain Geyser photos, I had to point out White Cone Fountain in the distance. 

We had an hour long relationship with an awesome raven at Nez Perce Picnic Area.  Such an amazing experience to bask in their presence.   These are some incredibly smart birds!

They are very used to being fed, which is sad.  How much harder do we make winter for them?


On to Fountain Paint Pots - 
Lovely mudpots.  We will probably return tomorrow for more video.

I made video of a buffalo loving upon a small pine tree ... the tree will never be the same again.  I wonder if he was scent marking?  In my mind predators scent mark, but buffalo have a size that belies their typical characterization in the animal kingdom.  (Granted, he could have been marking in anticipation of mating, but this is the wrong time of the year ... maybe he was just scratching an itch.)

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