14 December 2014

Day 18 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip


Leave extra early to drive through the parks (Yellowstone and Tetons) as we are airport bound.

We see a coyote on the road!  Being that it was full dark, there was no possibility of a photo.


It is lovely to observe the sky change with sunrise and light reflecting from the river and streams.

What may have been 5 bison bedded down for the night were glimpsed in the headlights.

We saw a herd of Elk in a field, others sleeping in, while a few were getting an early breakfast.

We see a lot of elk along this drive.  Even crossing a waterway, brrrrrrr!

Flight from Jackson to Denver uneventful, the pilot came on to explain mountain air currents and the need to pay attention to the safety belt lights.  :)

The people who work in the Jackson Whole airport are kind and helpful.  Very different compared to a typical IAH experience.

One of the gals shared with me (after I queried) that very few people have never flown before.  She more commonly runs into discomfort with the kiosks, especially among older passengers.

Our flight to Houston is delayed by 2 hours.  My ability to get my pups tonight is dwindling.  I want my babies!!!

Our plane arrived from Narita, Japan which arrived from LA.  Both flights were delayed by 2 hours.  They have known for well over a day that delays were inevitable, but United chose not to share with or prepare their customers.  Very poor information dissemination on their part!  This irks me.

Arrive home, and head out to lovely pup sitter to retrieve my furry children.  Time to plan our next trip.  :)

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