14 December 2014

Day 12 - Oregon and Yellowstone Trip

No scrubber for kitchen.

No oil for cooking.

No counter cleaner.

No bleach, no cleaning supplies besides soap: dish and hand.  This is ridiculous. I wonder how dangerous and disgusting are the counters and floors?  What nasty bugs lurk in this uncleanable place.  If we go out and buy a cleaner, I have little doubt it will be removed before the next tenant.

There's a mop for the floor but no cleaning liquid to accompany the implement.  We lay down towels to dry up the leaking toilet and sink, no telling what's on that mop.

No cutting board, please ruin our counters instead.  (I later found one hidden behind the coffee maker, blender, and bread toaster.)

No clips for open bags.

Only one trash bag for your entire visit.

No storage containers for making and packing food into the parks or forests.

Curtains washed, but not ironed.

TV controls locked out to anything beyond kids viewing.

We have come to the conclusion that the more touristy the area, the less comfortable and stocked the rental as far as amenities are concerned.  Additionally, this place is run by a mgmt co., and I believe that eliminates the personal touch and personal responsibility to the tenants.  Failure maintenance is the name of the game with mgmt companies.  The only other toilet problem we have ever had was a VRBO in San Francisco. Run by, you guessed it, a property mgmt co.

The bathroom, much like the kitchen, is either efficient, cramped, or tight.

No aluminum foil, no wax paper, no plastic baggies.  No left over food or supplies from previous tenants: no pasta, no oatmeal, no coffee, no tea, no spices but salt and pepper, no sugar.  This place is completely cleared out ... Or rented so rarely that expiration concerns present themselves.

No visiting tourist data: no pamphlets, no maps, no store or restaurant suggestions. Needless to write, I am not impressed.

Into Yellowstone for Mammoth Springs and Norris Geyser.  We saw quite a bit of Mammoth Springs while the rain came down.  My SmartWool SmartLoft jacket worked well.  While it did soak up some moisture from the rain, it never got cold or heavy.  The moisture stayed superficial in the jacket, never reaching my body core.  It dried on my body following a couple hours warming in the vehicle.  My light wool scarf has come in very useful, again.  It got rather wet, but dried quickly draped across my lap, and even though still damp, kept my neck warm on our jaunt through Norris.

We only made half the trails at Norris as the day was darkening, and we'd rather get back to our rental in daylight hours.

I got great up close shots of a buffalo (they were so cool)!  We saw close to a dozen buffalo in total throughout our drive.  On the return trip we also caught a glimpse of an Elk, sporting a properly elegant rack.

We dropped by a supermarket in West Yellowstone to buy a scrubber for the kitchen.  

Upon our return, the toilet was fixed and the lightbulb I emailed about earlier was removed from the fixture.  However, I still have no email responses from the company.

I also found a pair of sunglasses in our rental vehicle ... leftover from some previous renter.

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