10 July 2008

2008 June 16 - Sol Duc Falls ONP, WA

Sol Duc Falls, on the north center of the National Park
Nice walk

- check out, turn in door hinges, shampoo dispenser, and shower water to management
- drive north (clockwise) around park, passing our 'old' stomping ground, it will be a couple hours before we see anything new

- there's this (at first glance lovely) yellow flowered shrub growing along the highway, it's a Scottish invasive, and its moving into every disturbed habitat, especially noticeable in logged areas ... rarer in lower elevations

- visit Sol Duc fish hatchery between Beaver and Sappho, off Mary Clark Road; neat little visitor's center of salmon lifecycle

- Sol Duc falls, noisy, gorgeous, we climbed up to see higher in elevation and people watch
- BH played with camera settings
- nice 1.6 mile walk total

- back on the road to continue to our final day's destination, we get between three convoying Budget rental moving trucks, and piss off the last driver, we did nothing illegal, and this dipshit tries to run us over for the next ten miles, is he afraid he's gonna lose the two big ass trucks ahead of us?

- get on the Kingston Ferry, $14.45! Nice ride and great ingress and egress, get in line and pay attention ... I don't see how anyone can afford to take this everyday

- Driving in Seattle is crazy, kinda like first timers in Houston, the signs are strange and the directions make no sense

- find the hotel, unload car, check-in, dump stuff in room, and race the car back to the airport to get rid of that rotten auto
- Seattle has an awesome public transport system and the bus stop drops us three blocks away, but rough ride and very noisy (like every other bus I've ever been on)
- dinner at Typhoon, very tasty Thai food

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