25 July 2008

June 27 - Cruise Day 7, College Fjord Cruising

Some of the floating ice pieces are sculptures in megature, all by themselves.

- thirty years + one day
- I eat two biscuits from last night and down excedrin
- I watch TV as BH checks us out and I finally rouse myself for lunch which we share with bro and SIL, and along comes Grandma and Aunty and some cousins ... we chat
- I get pizza for lunch and then we all head down for tea, Grandma sits with some of her red hat buddies ... I hand a tip to the pizza guy, as he is the only reason I've been able to eat for three days of lunch
- we watch for sea otters and don't see any now, but we start seeing little glaciers
- we meet for dinner with the whole family, but Dad - who is confined to quarters for the remainder of the trip, he is ill
- we head out to look at more glacier's in College Fjord, and see a little sea otter curled up on a bergy-bit .. bro saw it first
- we did get some great pics of the glaciers before the cold drove us back inside
- we go back to the dining room for dessert, mango sorbet, mmm, and break for the rooms to pack
- in the midst of packing, I get a call from the Purser's desk to clear my account, I reply that BH took care of all that this morning, and am told that I have to come down anyway; two trips later, we are cleared until they call again anyway
- we decided not to pay the "discretionary" tip for a variety of reasons: the food, the conditions we ran into here and there, and our firm belief that our favorite people would never see the income from those tips, so we handed them out ourselves
- pack, foist some stuff off on family to cart home for us, shower, and head to bed
- some things we've noticed: food sucks, the mosaic at the purser's desk is breaking off in chunks and it looks horrible, most of the 'tours' you can do yourself for less money, the people waiting on the train seemed soooo bored - One of the commediennes referred to it as the 'White Pass & Youkan wait RR', our skin is so dry from being confined to ship for two days, their tv show trip information channel, #34, has more misspellings and rotten sentence structure... it makes me cringe to watch it, one or more of the hot tubs was usually out of order and covered with netting, and their food is the absolute lowest quality they can get away with ... Kellog's Meuslix with partially hydrogenated oils, the people at passenger services are droids ... unless you are asking one of their 54 memorized questions (of which "What procedure does my luggage go through?" is NOT one) you are stuck, they clean the boat constantly but it still smells odd ... and I'd like to smack the head chef who put the menus together

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