25 July 2008

June 25 - Cruise day 5, Skagway, AK

Flora in miniature on the coastline walk to Yakutania Point in Skagway.

- wake up in Skagway
- find balloons and a happy birthday note on my door, a day early
- breakfast of granola and fruit (can I hear another groan, that's right)
- BH grabs bird food, and we are ready for today's adventures
- head out for the trails leading to Yukatania Point and Smuggler's Cove, we didn't see any seals but the route was nicely stressful, and the pathways weren't too crowded
- The village of Skagway is a national park; go to the visitor's center to see stampeder's provisioning exhibit and a small museum; nothing new to us as we've seen so much Gold Rush stuff, but worthwhile if this is going to be your first or only exposure
- BH keeps mentioning a mine exhibit he's seen reference to ... we find out it is (probably) Skagway Mining Co., a tourist shop ... BH is disappointed
- but we spend thirty minutes watching the "White Pass and Yukon Railroad" train and the batteries give out on the camera, making BH sad, he was unable to take pictures of the train pulling out, it is only the 200th or so time he's seen this
- lunch is another veggie burger, it's not bad, but we are regaled by a tale of a woman's sister who was veggie then vegan who was very unhealthy, and how do I look so good on my "restrictive" diet (which is such a fallacy) ... this gal wouldn't eat nuts because they have fat in them ... bar none, the healthiest diets have a wide variety of plant foods, including avacado and nuts ... our bodies (as adults) do need a small amount of protein and fat to function properly, cutting them completely out is a bad thing
- back to the room for a suit change and out to the hot tub for an overheated experience (BH remarks, "with the resources and maintenance dedicated to these units, in several cases, the jacuzzi pump start switches did not work, and the air induction valve/mechanisms were broken and/or not operational")
- shower and change and meet up with family as they head out for shopping and helicopter tours, we're going to tea and BH enjoys their crumpets ... I've taken chocolate to eat (BH makes this comment on the Pacific Moon - there is a door closer on a kitchen door that desperately needs replacing, it makes an excruciating buzzing rattle during movement) ... we meet up with two lovey ladies and a young man, discussing future vacations, one lady recommended Hanoi, Vietnam and other northern cities and villages as they still have a quaint flavor to them, modernity has hit the southern cities, it seems
- wander the ship waiting for dinner time to arrive and find the tennis court
- BH and I played at a game that uses the same tools, but has only a passing resemblance to the game of tennis, wearing ourselves out for dinner at the Santa Fe
- it's been a while since the Santa Fe was dusted, BH and I both leave draw streaks on the bench separator half walls
- dinner tonight is fried tofu with mushrooms and broccoli, very tasty, another moment of, "Why can't they do this every evening?"
- (BH adds, in the open deck buffet dining areas, a few grains of rice needs to be added to the salt shakers in an effort to avoid clumping/clogging caused by the high humidity)
- (BH again, the multi security checks are helpful, though I disagree, but the stations look like some guy slapped them together in his garage, not professional at all; and the passengers need to know exactly what steps to take before they even step on the ship; which isn't covered anywhere)
- BH says the dinner food for the dining rooms is reminiscent of first class foreign airlines twenty or so years ago
- BH and I aren't drinker's, so the constant alcohol push gets a bit irritating
- We watch Steve Hites one man Klondike/Skagway/Alaska re-enactment - singing, poetry, and acting folk hour ... quite entertaining
- then there's the juggler who acts more like a buddy than some straight-laced entertainer
- the Pacific Moon for dessert and tomorrows menu request, dinner may be boring
- and the last show by commedienne Jim McDonald - he's 1/3 funny, 1/3 shock, and 1/3 observer
- home and bed, where a message waits from Mom, call in morning

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