11 July 2008

2008 June 22 - Cruise day 2

Random Boat Shot (from Whittier)

- today is a cruising day
- breakfast in International Dining Room, it was fruit, fruit, and more fruit; so far, I am NOT impressed with the Vegan options on this cruise ship
- Totem People discussion - art in totem is 4000 years old minimum, but most surviving totems were carved no earlier than the 1800s; presenter recommends the following in Ketchikan, the Discovery Center (with green roof) and Cape Fox Lodge's "council of totem poles" (on Creek Street) are both within walking distance - Saxman Village eight miles out, Totem Bight State Park eight miles out

- we meet brother and wife for talks and lunch and then we head out to the pool for hot tub time and a pizza snack
- we meet up with Aunt and Uncle, youngest cousin, eldest cousin's spouse - they walk past as BH, middle cousin, the new fiance, and I are hanging out
- we break to prep for our first "formal" night and we all eventually show up for dinner: BH and I, then bro and SIL, and mom and dad arrive ... everyone slowly trickles in
- after a very long dinner (okay, but nothing to write home about) ... we still haven't sat with Grandma
- then part of the group heads to the ventriloquist act, part to their rooms, and the rest of us head back to a hot tub ... including the two guys there when we arrived ... we piled in a total of eleven people in one hot tub ... it was probably meant to hold six to eight
- my brother and youngest cousin share more genes than the rest of us do; they are such cut ups, and had me laughing so hard my stomach stared hurting
- we met with the comedy going members of the troupe as the last of us climbed out of tub and half of us headed home and the rest went late night snacking

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