25 July 2008

June 28 - Cruise day 8, Getting off the boat!!!

Bye-bye Baby, bye-bye!

- this four year old ship has a worn, shabby appearance with chipped and broke pieces all over the place
- typical breakfast
- call Mom and talk to Dad for a bit, call bro but not in room, and call Grandma (the only awake one) and thank her for the vacation
- meet at 6:15 am in lounge to begin waiting game
- we head out to board the train and finally find a guy to tell us where our luggage is, and we find it at the hospitality center, which is at the Captain Cook today
- the Princess train is cramped and very uncomfortable ... I think we would have preferred to take the motor home trip
- our train table companions shared many of our same opinions of the cruise, a family member of theirs had even been kicked out of the bar when the bartender decided to shut down the area 45 minutes early one night, wouldn't even give him a coke as he left, he had to go to the buffet to get it since he purchased a refillable carbonated sticker for the trip, but he'd still be charged for a room service call
- We pick up a Princess van (filled to overflowing such that a second vehicle was called) that takes us to the "hospitality center" (the Captain Cook is hosting the hospitality center since the convention center is busy today), where the unlucky get to wait until they take another van to the airport ... some of those flights don't leave until 11 p.m., but the last van leaves the hospitality center at 6 p.m.
- Our luggage arrives at the hospitality center (we really weren't sure that they would have our luggage where they said it would be) and we drop all our carry on items at their carry-on check in
- we wander several blocks down to the Comfort Inn to check out the territory and the lovely Felix has a room all ready for us, early even
- nicely appointed and comfortable
- we head back through Saturday market for food and eye candy and eventually reach the hotel where we meet up with Mom and Dad, they walk a couple blocks with us as we hoof it back to the hotel with our pile of stuff
- we each fell asleep for a bit of a nap, called the MIL, got a great map of Anchorage, and checked Denali weather, probably a bit warmer
- we wandered back to the market and perused the items: the totems are made in Indonesia; some of the carvings are neat, but not the best attention to detail in the work; some of the artwork is gorgeous, but we don't have anymore room to display at home; but we spent the most time at the gold nugget booth
- stop at Uncle Joe's Pizza, BH gets a calzone, I get a replacement pizza ... some-how my greek veggie, no black olives, no cheese got translated into Greek veggie with light cheese ... that just would not work ... four pizza's later ... my red-headed California pizza chef was getting so frustrated, he had a phantom cheeser, he'd make my pizza and somehow, between going in the oven and reaching my table, the pizza's kept getting a smattering of cheese ... turns out my cheeser was a bleached blond named Nick ... once my chef straightened him out, I finally got my pizza, and it was delicious, it only took two hours ... and my lovely chef comped my pizza and my frozen ice dessert
- we get back to the hotel and pack, shower off two hours of pizza parlor, and hit the bed, which was very hard to sleep in due to how noisy the hotel was and how much the bed kept rolling

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