11 July 2008

2008 June 20 - Vancouver, BC

HELP! HELP! HEEEEELP! Godgullable has come to punish Vancouver ...
(Here on the NW coast line, all the species seem to come in XXL.)

- awakened at 6:45 by little brother, the alarm at the house went off and he is checking it out ... nothing out of place (it seems, hard to tell in our place) and no broken glass; so it must be a false alarm

- we walk down to the Greek restaurant for breakfast, but their oatmeal is $6 per bowl, and it seems like the local grumpy old men hangout ... so we left ... if none of the guys there have breakfast yet, it is taking too long

- we chow down on some energy bars at the hotel instead, and save a couple bucks
- back on the tour bus for a trip to Vancouver's Police Museum, a very interesting spot to check out (absolutely do NOT wander around outside this building ... it is a dangerous area, especially for those of you who don't experience the "bad" part of town on a regular basis)
- walk down to a neat Japanese toy store in Chinatown, they have toys depicting - Ghostrider, Spiderman, Nightmare Before Chistmas, and a reference I'm unfamiliar with "Fiends of Emily" and "Fiends or F.O.E."; also Dragonball Z, Astroboy: Novelty Gifts Exchange on Pender Street

- We also drop in on a gem shop looking for Chrysocolla: besides the strong incense smell, they had some neat pieces but no spheres ... and the beads just weren't as attractive as the spheres we've seen elsewhere
- hotel for drop off and a where to lunch discussion, it is already two o'clock
- Ezogiku Noodle Cafe for lunch where I don't get the raised eyebrows and blank faces when I ask, "Do you have vegetarian soup?" ... instead I get, "We can make everything vegetarian." What a nice change.
- we'll have to pack tonight ... ugh.
- boarding one of those huge cruise ships tomorrow, I still don't think we know what we are in for
- we're watching the Mugabe catastrophe on TV and listening to some fan boys screaming and car honking through the downtown (how immature) ... we think they are waving a Turkish flag ... what sport is in season?

- found a new pair of Goretex® Merrell's for BH at Coast Mountain, his old pair had been stomped so flat that they hurt his heels, and we're not even going to take them home
- found a swim suit for me after the thirtieth try at Sears, the suits at Coast Mountain covered the front just fine (for the most part), but good golly did I have a major case of crack attack in the back, no way was I going to put my grandmother through that ... she has a pace maker, but still ...
- we've walked so much lately that our joints have stopped aching
- we drop our purchases off at the hotel, wander across the street for a Chrysocolla fix before the gem shop closes, and head to Hon's for $15 of dinner: won-ton soup, spring rolls, and potstickers
- we also make one last stop at the bubble tea shop for taro root slushies ... practically a dessert it tastes so good
- back home for some packing and shuffling, prepping for that great big boat ... BH had mentioned earlier that we could take a boat tour in Vancouver, to which I replied, "Darlin', we're gonna be on a boat for seven days ..."

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