11 July 2008

2008 June 23 - Cruise day 3

Ketchikan and it's boats, through the trees

- Ketchikan this morning, up for buffet breakfast
- meet the family late and head off the ship; we are a slow, ponderous group with some people improperly dressed for the drizzly cool of 52 F; we break up for half to shop and the rest of us to head off on a totem hike

- BH and I drop in on the local grocery store, Tatsuda's Supermarket, where I was finally able to get a chocolate fix ... watching everyone chow down on chocolatly goodness during cruise desserts, while I was stuck with the occassional sorbet (when the head chef was feeling magnanimous) made my chocolate cravings kick into overdrive
- the grocery prices were higher than at home ... a bit higher even than at the Thriftyway in Forks, WA ... but they weren't ridiculous ... they even had some organic produce
- back to the ship for our early departure

- Dinner was the salad and totally unexciting and predictable pasta and tasteless tomato sauce with hot sauce added to "spice" it up ... ick ... don't these people bother to consult Vegans OR Vegan Chefs (or even a Vegan cookbook??? whadda thought!) for easy, tasty dishes to serve ... obviously not! And it looks like chili and more pasta tomorrow ... we will see

- I've been asked several times about my future kid plans, and honestly, I'm too self-absorbed for kids at the moment ... I prefer dogs, when you get sick of them, you can toss 'em outside or in a kennel for a bit of a time out

- Out on deck 7 to whale watch. BH headed out before me and saw a plume some distance away. I've seen so many nature specials that I don't think I'll be impressed until I see them close
- Watch ventriloquist act, his vocal equivalent of patting his head and simultaneously rubbing his belly is amazing to hear and watch
- back to room where the rolling ship is getting more noticeable, and my headache from the first two days is back ... as I pointed out to BH, I'd rather have a headache than be tossing my cookies; and I think they finally kicked on the stabilizers
- last comedienne for the night; funny situational guy discussing the tug-o-war between the sexes

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