25 July 2008

June 26 - Cruise Day 6, Cruising

Eagle on a floating chunk of ice. If you keep your eyes pealed on the far horizon while cruising, you see the most amazing things.

- my bday, 30 years old, say goodbye to my twenties (do I have to grow out my hair and give up my flapper dresses?)
- Mom calls and sings me happy birthday and we make plans to eat at the buffet
- BH and I make it first and we've really made inroads into the meal (granola and fruit, again) when Mom and Dad arrive, followed by Grandma and most of the Griffin clan and little bro and SIL arrive ... we are watching the glaciers and freezing our butts off as the doors upstairs are wide open ... this dining area is usually enclosed
- BH goes off to take pictures and I stay and chat retirement plans with family
- BH comes in to thaw out and heads to the room, where he promptly naps for a time
- we walk the perimeter of the ship and head down for lunch which we share with two lovely Canadian couples
- We are told that some of their favorite cruise trips were: Meditteranean, Asia, and South Pacific; we were also quizzed about my diet and questioned about my eating difficulties here - they recommended higher end lines such as "Seven Seas" ... rather than the mass market lines such as: Norwegian, Princess, Royal Carribean
- we compare differences between the peoples of our neighboring countries ... which are so similar in many ways ... Americans are more patriotic and more comfortable with guns ... and we are not well informed about occurrences which happen outside our local area (they are not thrilled by all the election coverage of ours that they've been getting BUT I told both couples how hard it is to find non-local information from our local news agencies ... have to get online)
- we go nap and call parents and SIL and plan to meet for tea, BH and I see several Humpback families on the starboard side which makes us late to tea
- I get happy birthdays from my family all day long
- we prep for dinner, and meet in the Santa Fe where most of the kids are not enjoying the rocking ship now that we've moved into open water on our way to Whittier
- I make it through soup/salad and appetizer before I go to lay down, my head is pounding
- Room Service brings me a "birthday cake," (which I can't really appreciate until the next morning ... when I say ... bet I can't eat that ... dairy allergy doncha know!)
- BH does laundry upstairs while the ship rolls, I listen to an Egyptian show on TV, and beg for the ship to stop rolling and my head to stop aching
- I finally fall asleep after 1:30 am

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